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Experience the Himalayas


About Wild East Adventure

Wild East Adventure is a craft Himalayan tour partner based in the awe-inspiring mountain town of Ladakh, India.

The Himalayas are not for just seeing and capturing in photographs. The Himalayas have to be experienced, absorbed, and lived in. We believe in creating unique experiences for visitors to take back indelible memories of the majestic mountain. Experiences that are tailored to your interests and passion. Experiences that are offbeat and unconventional. Experiences that are atypical for traditional tourists. We believe not everyone is alike, and not every trip is the same. Our experiences are personalised to diverse tastes, interests, and moods.


Experience Culture, Craft & the Lifestyle ● Experience Nature, the Flora & Fauna ● Experience Religion & Spirituality
Experience Action & Adventure ● Experience High Mountains, Ecology & its Conservation ● Experience Alone or with Old or New Friends

Since 1996 we have been sharing the most memorable experience of the Himalayas with our guests. Experiencing Himalayas, the way they should be. You will love our cheerful, friendly team. They are knowledgeable, trained for the terrain, and mindful of both the environment and your needs.


I have been coming to the Himalayan kingdom for the past three years. Would like to take this opportunity to appreciate the good work wild east is doing in giving the trekkers the launch pad and the personal touch that makes the experience so very much rich filled with joy.



After two successful visits, I recommend the Wild East team to any visitor who thinks about trekking or touring, and I hope to travel there again myself one day.\r\nbest wishes for the 2006 season



The day before the start of a trekking with Wildeast adventures. I ate some of these unhealty chickens in Leh and got very ill the day of the start. As a result I got very sick and even collapsed after a few kilometers. Hopefully I could trust Namgyal who brought me to the hospital took care of mee and manage to make my obliged stay in Leh as enjoyable as possible. When my friend came back from his trek we climbed with Jigmed the ''Stok Kangri'' and could rely on his cooking talent, his expertise and may be the most important his joy. got back in august and I can''t wait to see them again. I wish you guys to meet them one day also. Julee, A





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